Hope CounsellinG OkehamptoN

Okehampton is a lovely place with a lot to offer. However, it is somewhat secluded for those who struggle financially and have no transport, or struggle to find work.

This is why Hope Counselling Okehampton is placed right in the centre of Okehampton, and the pricing structure allows for significant concessions for those with a low income.

In combination with having seen the need, and knowing my own skills and experience, linked with my passion for the work and the people, it only felt right to love and serve Okehampton’s community in this way. 

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The Ethos of Hope Counselling

Hope Counselling Okehampton is a local counselling service that offers professional and confidential care to those in need, particularly from low income families.

The initial idea for Hope Counselling Okehampton originated from my desire to increase access to support. In encountering people of Okehampton through my work at Okehampton College, with Tor Support Services, as well as my church’s work with the Foodbank, I have seen that there are many who could benefit from what counselling offers.